Hi, and welcome! This is Mario, founder of The Weird & The Wonderful – if you just discovered us, you’re really into what you hear, and you want to know more, please read on!

The Weird & The Wonderful’s  original band lineup was formed in Toronto, Canada in 2014. After spending over a year recording, we released, Zeta Reticuli on March 11th, 2015. That year was very eventful for the band – HERE is a brief description of what we accomplished during that time. Since the beginning of 2016, everything came to a halt due to family/personal circumstances.  Now, well into 2018, a new TW&TW chapter is being created: a new website, upcoming music, and new fans! Alex, who is featured on Zeta Reticuli, will appear as the guitarist on the next series of songs promised to be released in 2018. You can expect something very unique, creative and inspiring – something I know you’ll truly enjoy! So until the next time we connect, please feel free to browse the website, support by buying Zeta Reticuli or hang out with your new favorite band on social media! ▼▲▼▲

P.S: Do you have a few minutes to sit back and catch another fun song? If so, please watch our video for “Moment Of Glee” below – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!