Our search for a singer has been long and difficult. MANY talented individuals have come forth with great ideas and much enthusiasm, but none really fit the part like we always imagined it. In the Fall 2013, we decided to take a break from our search and concentrate on songwriting and the finalization of a few more songs.

2014 was upon us, and as we were approaching the day destined to be the beginning of the second part of our search, we received an unexpected message. It was as follows:

Hey there… Unclear of whether or not you are still actively seeking a vocalist… But if you are, I could send you some of my vocal covers to get an idea. I really dig your songs that I’ve heard, I think I may be able to inject an interesting vocal element to them.. If you’re still seeking that is. My main vocal influences are Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Steve Perry n Elvis Presley. Lemme know, take care and all the best


We hadn’t received any replies from singers in a few months, obviously since we hadn’t been looking, so we were definitely caught by surprise. Could this be the guy we’ve been looking for?? Emotional, powerful, talented, enthusiastic and all of the above – this guy fit the profile to a T!  After listening to his demos, we immediately contacted him and began our audition process…and the rest is history!!

We’d like to proudly welcome Joshua Pivato to our team of Sonic Scientists!!

Stay tuned for his exceptional voice coupled with our powerful songs as we complete the first half of our highly anticipated first album!

Talk soon,

– Mario

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