Instrument: lead vocals

Role: live vocalist for The Weird & The Wonderful’s Zeta Reticuli

Compelling and mysterious, at home in both comedy and drama, and a chameleon on screen. Joshua David Pivato is an actor, writer, director and singer. He appears often as intense and quirky characters, as both the hero and the villain. Former frontman of a radio-played enthusiastic Prog-Rock band. Co-Founder of StrangeBIT Studios, an independent film company.

Joshua Zeta Reticuli thanks:

My sister, mother & father, for their unwavering belief, support, encouragement and unconditional love. The entirety of my family & relatives, you are my foundation. My muskateers, Nick, Andrew, Adam, Eddie, Mena, Dalton, Jordan, Justin, Isaac, Kevin…you inspire me to no end. The Great Unknown, who’s forces made every step of the journey possible. And finally my bandmates, Mario & Alex, who welcomed me as a brother, and with patience and humor, gave me the opportunity to sing the greatest music, I’ve ever heard. Thanks to all those who support and join us on our mission – though “thanks” hardly does justice for what you give us, in allowing us to see our dreams realized… The best is yet to come!   

Joshua uses: Shure SM58 Microphone, TCH MP75 Mic, TC Helicon VoiceLive Pedal, J.P Vocal Chords v.22

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