Originally released in 2015, Zeta Reticuli will take you on an intense musical escape that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat while leaving you feeling completely elated and satisfied. It deals with an array of human emotions and taboo subjects that are cleverly intertwined within a unique musical genre that can be best described as having the aggressive guitar precision and tone of Dream Theater’s John Petrucci, the break neck drumming style of Rush’s Neil Peart and Neo/Crossover Prog, Hard Rock and Rock elements that have subtle hints of Rush, Toto, Spock’s Beard, Genesis and Dream Theater.

Zeta Reticuli is also available as an instrumental version; where all aspects of its rich instrumental soundscape are audible for you to enjoy!

Videos are available for Super Virtual as well as Moment of Glee.

 Zeta Reticuli credits and special thanks:

All songs written by Mario LeBlanc except; A Million Lies – written by Alex Katchkan and Mario LeBlanc

All songs produced and arranged by Mario LeBlanc and Alex Katchkan
Recorded and mixed by Mario LeBlanc

Mastered by Mike Smith and Matt Snell at Phase One Studios, Scarborough Ontario

Joshua Pivato – Lead Vocals

Alex Katchkan – Rhythm & Lead Guitars and 12-String Guitar

Mario LeBlanc – Drums, Percussion, Programmed Bass, Keyboards, Special Effects and Backing Vocals

Artwork concept for Zeta Reticuli album cover: Alex Katchkan, Joshua Pivato, Mario LeBlanc

Graphic artwork for Zeta Reticuli CD package design: Mario LeBlanc

Band pictures (individual and group): Sylvie Roy
Voice in The Sane Old You performed by: Graphix Goddess
Oil painting artwork effect on individual/group shots provided by: Fauzi Abdillah
North American and Pelican Nebulae image: Astrobobo

Time Machine sound FX: Start The Machine by Parabolix
Zeta Reticuli sound FX: Lightning Strike Plus Thunder by 2887679652