To me personally, making a record can be compared to the process of finding the truth – it is challenging, demanding and thrilling all at the same time. Like a scientist with the questioning mind, who is looking into chaotic empirical data for the search of systematic consistency, you look into your consciousness in an attempt to intuitively grope a musical idea that best resonates with your current state of mind. It takes self-discipline to keep the pace all the way from start to end and it requires a genuinely positive attitude to be able to enjoy every moment of this process.

All of us adhered to an unofficial rule: we had to be free from any negativity during the entire recording/mixing process.  Recording equipment tends to rectify emotions that a musician has while their part is being recorded. If you feel indecisiveness and hesitation, that is exactly what listeners will feel when listening to your performance, it might not be too obvious, but it will be seized by their subconsciousness.  Alternatively, if you feel like you can jump across an ocean with total ease, your takes will sound bright and confident.  Most of the recording sessions were like that – immaculate and productive. Of course, there were some periods when I felt like I couldn’t go on – but hey, I’m only human! In these cases, despite any obligations and time restrictions, you just want to be honest with the band members and yourself – give a call and reschedule your recording time. By doing that you actually save more time.)

Alex recording his takes for Zeta Reticuli. Black socks work best for muting strings!

The guitar recording process was also challenging from time to time. I find that one of the most imperative things while composing and recording is to be able to revise your own musical ideas, riffs, and phrases. It takes a lot of courage, at least for me, to admit that the idea doesn’t fit the song – even though I love that idea. I tend to “verify” my ideas the next morning by having a listen before I do anything else for the day. If I feel the same way about the piece of music I came up with and recorded on the previous day – it’s a keeper! If I’m not very proud of what I hear, I keep digging for that golden idea. And some of our recording sessions were very exhausting both physically and emotionally.  Each take that you do requires a lot of resources from your inner strength – it feels like you’re on stage giving it 110% for every take – because it needs to sound perfect! And I literally can’t stop until it’s recorded the way I feel it should be recorded. After 6-8 hours of such an intensive workout, I wasn’t able to say a sentence coherently, so Mario had to desperately guess what I was trying to tell him by interpreting my mumbling and gesturing. But despite the tiredness, I had a warm feeling of an accomplishment after each session.

I truly believe we have made every possible attempt to reflect a wide colorful range of emotions on this record. I was relishing every moment of its creation and can endlessly listen to it over and over again even though I know every note inside out. These 9 songs might be appealing to a regular listener, to an experienced music lover, or even to a picky musician. I’m probably being bias here by saying all this, but I feel that I did my best during that period of my life. We are welcoming you to enjoy the ride of a Progressive Rock roller coaster that takes you into the Seventies and whisks you back to the present!

Alex – “Mad Jester”



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