In late October, after having put enough songs together to illustrate WW’s musical variety, we set out to find the perfect singer to bring these (and many more to come 😉 original compositions to life. So far, MANY talented musicians have come forward through our ads and word of mouth with much enthusiasm, but “THE ONE” individual hasn’t come forward yet. How long will it take? As long as it has to!! Now, a bit about the vocals you’re hearing now:

The instrumentation for the songs came easy – well, some more than others. The most difficult task was to put the vocals together. My vocal teacher told me that there is a probability that my vocal chords may have been damaged in past – at least that’s the impression she got during our initial assessment session – but it certainly was NOT from singing. On top of that, singing does not come naturally to me, therefore I seldom sang in the past. One thing that does come naturally to me is writing melodies. As frustrating as is was laying down the melodies in my head while straining to NOT be pitchy with as much power and expression as possible, it all came to pass after many hours of patience and perseverance behind one of my old, beat up SM57’s (yes, I know, NOT the best mic for vocal recordings…but hey, I’m a drummer, and I use drummer mics!)

So I hope the singing on these recordings doesn’t or already HASN’T scared people away. My vocal teacher effectively helped me develop my singing over the last year or so, she’s amazing. You should have heard me BEFORE the lessons lol. But to give myself credit where credit is due, I can sing harmonies quite well…maybe it’s because of that nice, shiny security blanket made of wood, steel, mylar, bronze brass and nickel 😉

Having said all that…if you know a singer or you happen to be a singer that could possibly fit our needs, please contact us through the posting. Thanks for reading and to all, safe and memorable holidays…the world hasn’t exploded after all! 😀

– Mario

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