In mid-April, 2014 we set out to record 9 amazing songs. We knew it wouldn’t be easy and perfectly streamlined since we are all in different locations around Greater Toronto ranging from 30 minutes to

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over an hour’s drive. The entire recording process took place in my home studio in Mississauga for a period of almost 6 months. I thought it was going to be relatively easy. Sweet jeebus…I was DEAD WRONG! But quite frankly…WHAT a learning (and humbling) experience it was!! It was so nice to casually chill out while being in the comfort of a private home. I’m used to going to a studio while on the clock, all while being under pressure to get those award winning takes whether I’m tired, drunk or just plain grumpy. Stressful? Yes my friends, it can be VERY stressful!

Among the countless sessions, there were really muggy days that made it feel like we were recording in the Amazon Jungle; days when we were all just beat, tired and ready to retire after an hour of recording but pressed on like Navy Seals; days of extreme energy and productivity and good laughs; days of coffee, days of fancy organic tea (Alex loves tea…and is an avid tea bag recycler); days when the engineer (this guy) forgot to press record when a phenomenal take was being performed; days when we were all there together to feed off each others vibe; days when a great take would be ruined by the horrifying screams of a dictating toddler losing ultimate control over all that is; days when we sat outside in the sun talking about everything BUT music and forgot about the session (aliens, conspiracy theories, workout regimens and desserts were among the subjects discussed); and those fine days when everything was just right and we’d all get those goosebumps you get when you hear something uniquely awesome! Those were the days we live for \m/


Josh and I taking a break at one of our recording sessions.


After that process was done, the mixing started: well…now there’s a beast you don’t want to tackle without the right stuff! And when I say stuff, it don’t just mean software and hardware…it also means the mental and physical aspect of mixing, because sitting in a chair for 8+ hours days at a computer while listening to sound constantly can get to you. My mixes were always sent to the other two members through email to be sure everything resonated with them. We had some pretty big challenges along the way, but overcame them all with an eventual six thumbs up. The mixing process lasted approximately 5 months. Then, on January 9th 2015, we made our final review and with a huge sigh of relief, we officially put the mixing behind us!

Since the next step takes a very specialized skill, we decided to let the pros handle this task. Having said that, on February 3rd, our 9 masterpieces were mastered for digital release by Mike Smith at Phase One Studios in Scarborough, Ontario. There was alcohol, there were shenanigans and there was a tad of silliness (ask Alex about his “naked” fries), and it was well deserved! The songs we’ve managed to produce for you are simply AMAZING! I know, I know…every band in their right mind says this about their songs, don’t they?! I guess you’ll just have to judge for yourself.

It’s happening. It’s incredible. It’s nothing like anything you’ve ever heard in your lifetime: 9 tales that will take you on a journey you will never, ever forget.

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!

– Mario


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