Josh recording his takes for Zeta Reticuli

So much time, so little to say – Strike that, reverse it. Hello to all! Sometimes the lineality of life ceases to exist, and instead the Universe takes control and brings about something that seems both out of nowhere, and yet so right.

The Weird & The Wonderful  just so happens to be one of those things. Being a part of this group of “Sonic Scientists” simply just makes sense. It’s a place I know my soul now longs to be and fuel with life-force energy. It’s been unforgettable, climbing aboard. The music. Creating the first of the music has been both an incredible learning process, and a major outlet for passion that has been kept up inside of me for quite some time. Other than recording vocals at home for demos on a ‘snowball’ microphone, this is the first time that I’ve realistically underwent the recording process of an album – and a process, it is! But, with the expert ears, direction and patience of my band mates Alex and Mario, it was a process that was calm, collected, and fulfilling in every way. It was important during this time to take extra care of my voice – this meant everything from adequate vocal rest, diet and also general mood and energy levels. Rehearsing the songs was an ongoing measure to ensure the best quality for the final recording takes. Each song took on a new energy for me and through countless hours of recording takes, it was important to tap into that energy and to maintain it, all while focusing on the technicalities of the vocals as well – a great challenge. When certain takes worked, you knew they worked; the music felt right. I feel that through the precision of this work and the discoveries made mid-recording, I now understand my voice and the process of recording it, much more. I foresee great times ahead for us, and for everyone we will get to reach with our work in the very near future! Talk soon, and Keep On Watching !

– Joshua

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