From the creator of The Weird & The Wonderful comes an audio and visual out-of-this-world/out-of-body journey that will enigmatically, yet magically touch all your senses. Set to be released in 2018, it will be the first set of a dozen instrumental compositions released on Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion. These non-traditional music videos will capture a stunning journey through the distant cosmos while giving a visual, thought provoking narrative that can be best described as being psychologically intense and emotionally thrilling. 


Imagine this: it’s the end of a long day, and you’re in need of some quality time to escape from reality and gain perspective. You get settled into a comfortable place, put your headphones on and press ►

A piano and string melody serenades you as you peer up at a green blanket of deciduous treetops through what seems like a cartoon kaleidoscope. The warm sun and blue skies peek through the branches; you hear birds chirping, a calming stream and the rustling trees amidst a beautiful breeze – you feel at ease. 

A distant, enchanting female voice can be heard singing a delicate melody as the forest slowly morphs into buildings, loud vehicular noises and industrial commotion – but there is no need to be there anymore…the excess weight of the auditory fracas begins to fade as you suddenly and effortlessly launch towards the sky and float through the crisp, clear stratosphere. You feel free from any discord your Earthling life may have burdened you with.

You’re now observing a stunning crimson sunset from an airborne perspective, and while in awe of this magnificence, you’re noticing to a beautiful electric guitar hymn being caressed by a warm string quartet, soon to be conducted by a mesmerizing electronic pulse. You start accelerating through the mesosphere towards the edge of space as the music starts to elevate with your rising altitude and curiosity.

Suddenly, with a evolution in cadence, a full sonic spectrum of modern instruments kicks in like a booster engine on a rocket: the deep bass, powerful drums and thundering guitars accompany you as you burst through the thermosphere. While in perfect unison, they perform a melodic anthem that has you humming along with a smile.

You’re now racing towards the post-extraterrestrial twilight between Earth and space, you’re now going…BEYOND ESCAPE VELOCITY! Your journey with us has just begun…
While immersed in this sonic and visual journey, you’ll be treated with a unique story about a traveler who wishes to escape his world in hopes of discovering an far away, advanced civilization that is welcoming and that does not know the inner and outer hardships that we face. This traveler has much to learn about himself as a human being, and his whole species, humanity.


Dramatic musical soundscapes – sometimes soft and melodious, sometimes heavy and dissonant; an intense and unforgettable story all while diving deep into the mysterious wonders of what’s beyond our nighttime canopy of lights. That is what to expect from this latest musical effort by The Weird & The Wonderful.

That’s as much as we can tell you about Beyond Escape Velocity. The rest will be yours to discover.