The Weird & The Wonderful: a musical entity whose name mirrors its unique blend of Prog and Pop Rock colored with tales of fantasy and truth. Existential, dramatic & awe-inspiring music that takes you on a musical roller coaster ride you will never want to get off of.

Sounds like: the musicianship and boundless creativity of Rush; the Progressive Metal edge of Dream Theater; the Pop Rock listenability yet Progressive nature of bands like Genesis and Led Zeppelin. 

” I believe in creating music that offers an accentuated sense of escapism. We all need to escape the world  from time to time. Let this music be your vice, your drug, your happy place.” 

– Mario LeBlanc, creator of The Weird & The Wonderful

“Technically it’s absolutely beserk!!! There’s no time to breath but then why would you? The antithetis of the everlasting 3 chords classic dinosaur rock, so captivating and complex that it’s becoming highly addictive: frequent rhythm changes, time signatures, speed ups-slow downs, stormy crescendos culminating in soft breakouts, bursts of fast paced passages after a smooth intro, etc, multilayer construction yet everything fits mathematically, an entire arsenal of musical bricks & mortar heavily used…Dive in!”

Zach Dacian

Musician, Toronto ON

“Fantastic but very different Progressive/Pop Rock band. With their own unique style, these guys are a real pleasure to listen to. If you like power and melodic topped with some fast paced rock, then you will love them. Their awesomeness is in the music itself mixing up rock riffs with modern day Pop sounds, and every song is a full on powerful story. Vocally superb, lyrically supreme and the music is out of this world. A must have for any collection.”

Scotty D

Founder, Rock Bandom Magazine


An audio-visual out-of-this-world/out-of-body journey that will enigmatically, yet magically touch all your senses


Originally released in 2015, Zeta Reticuli will take you on an intense musical escape that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat through a journey that will leave you elated and satisfied. 


Originally released in 2015, Zeta Reticuli is also available as an instrumental version; where all aspects of its rich instrumental soundscape are audible for you to enjoy!